Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

2017 Resolutions

alrighty lets take a look at last years resolutions first:

improve my work environment - done! ish... (as usual) I talked to my boss and had my work day condensed to only 4 hours a day, which was great because it meant I could focus on the website and cats and other things for most of my time. And then I got swept off to Oslo by the Brexit wave, ended up in a dud job and am now in Melbourne with no idea what lies ahead in the work future for me.

Crack down on website design - I did quite a lot! It's one of those projects that will never really be "finished" but I did a lot of the heavy lifting. Honestly much more than I thought I would be able to do. I imagine I'll tinker with it a bit this year but I'm proud to say that it was mostly done in 2016 as my resolution foretold!

Plot and act on a route into teaching - Well teaching isn't exactly THE thing any more, but the summary last year suggested I would do something IT first and that's exactly what is happening. When I moved to Norway I looked at the courses at university and realised 'Robotics' makes much more sense than 'IT' because robotics is where IT intersects the physical world -- which is a great place to start if my objective is to automate away every job and move forward to Fully Automated Luxury Communism (or at the very least a Basic Income). At the time I would have preferred to do the course in Norway, but it's probably for the best for many reasons that I'm back in Australia. I didn't get into my first preference (literally I got into my last) probably because I haven't done maths in a decade, but I'm beginning an Engineering course in two months, from which I can hopefully side-step into something more robot-specific.

progress tiny house - Hmm the design did progress a bit and I did price up a lot of the pieces. So... done? Now I'm back in Aus I feel like I'll have an easier time building credit for a loan and perhaps in my Engineering course I can build some of the tiny house pieces?

connect with a metropolitan lifestyle - Well I moved to Oslo which is a metropolitan city and now I've moved to Melbourne which is even more so! So absolutely complete. Part of this plan was to make a group which is interesting because I did that and it went quite well, but given my recent political bent (Bernie Sanders/Basic Income/etc) I constantly felt like it wasn't political enough and now one of my plans for 2017 is to make a new meetup group that fulfils that need.

speaking of which my 2017 goals are:

campaign actively for Basic Income (and other political beliefs?) - Probably following a similar format to the London meetup (fortnightly on a Saturday for a few hours) I'm planning to make another group. Depending on how my currency exchanges into AUD I may not be able to begin this immediately but definitely want to make it a priority. The group will be about discussing the idea, spreading the idea (making a website/marketing content/general activism/etc) and then pressuring politicians to endorse the idea (or promoting candidates of our own). I'm hoping I can have a bit of fun with this and not only push a cause I'm passionate about but make some fun aesthetic things that serve a dual purpose (knitting a UBI jumper, making a UBI game, etc)

make inventions - kind of vague because I'm not sure which direction my course will go this year but a few things that are currently at the top of my list: a murphy bed, a hydroponic farm, automated cleaning robots, automated cooking tools

It doesn't look like so much on a list but I'm sure I'll be busy enough. I'll also have to get a job and find an apartment (maybe sharing with a friend for the first time ever?) and keep on top of assignments and probably compete in the Melbourne Pokemon International Tournament and perhaps fostering cats again? All good things that will probably have to get done regardless of whether they're resolutions or not, but the two listed are the ones I really want to make sure get done this year.
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