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2016 Resolutions

Last years resolutions:

Get a job, get an apartment - Both completed within a few months. And they both fulfilled my criteria that I had at the time and they both surprised me with some unexpected positive things, but overall I don't see either as permanent fixtures in my life. They are a stepping stone to a better life.
Get a cat - This is probably my favourite thing on the list. I started fostering with the RSPCA a little over a moth ago and it's turned out to be infinitely better than I had expected, the cats have become such an important part of my life and I hope I can foster forever (because it both feels really good to help the cats that need it and also not pay for food/litter/vet/etc!)
Get a car - Ended up getting the same make and model I had in Sydney, which knowing my sentimental nature I should have predicted. I did some road trips in it despite it not being the van experience I had planned. Didn't sleep it it, although I met some interesting people via airbnb that I'm glad I met. The car has some mechanical faults so I'm not sure how long it will last in 2016 but I'd rather not go through the hassle of buying a car again.
Be regular with working out - It's very interesting the way I phrased this because I didn't say "work out all year", I just knew I wanted to keep at it regularly and I ended up doing exactly that. I went consistently for exactly six months without fail and then when I did my road trip to Scotland I realised that it was taking a lot of time/energy out of me that I would rather use for other things. I didn't do it solidly for a year but I'm glad to have proven to myself that I am capable to doing it consistently but that it just isn't my priority.
Begin the process of starting a business - Well one of my ideas was the vending machines and that almost instantly went out of the window the minute I arrived in the English countryside, it's completely unrealistic here. It has potential in London maybe? But I also got started on my educational website which I think may be less profitable but is more important overall

some semi-mid-year-resolutions
cook new foods - I've done a lot of the savory foods I wanted to do and in the cases of non-western foods I haven't got a great result but I'm kind of lost because I don't know the ingredients well enough to know what I'm doing wrong. It's something that I've had fun with for a bit and I'll probably do occasionally moving forward but I'm very happy with eating quick instant meals for the moment. That said, in the future I would like to find ways to make my recipes more efficient and automated to cook.
meet more people - I feel like I have this on my resolutions list every year because I keep on moving! Done, I suppose? When have you ever met enough people though? I'm not thrilled with the people I have physically in my life right now, but I have a plan to expand my horizons in 2016.
save up "fuck you money" - done! I'm hoping I don't have to use it but I'm prepared to if I have to!

And moving forward to 2016:

improve my work environment - this is a complicated one that could be resolved in a week or it could be an ongoing one all year. I know that I don't like working in the office full-time so I could potentially work part-time or work from home or maybe get another job. It's a mystery ride I'm just going to have to play out. I'd rather get another job but the struggle of looking for another job is real and I feel like having this one on my CV for longer will look better on paper.
Crack down on website design - as I said, I started that a bit last year but it's very slow going process because I don't know what I'm doing. The work situation is going to determine to a degree how much time I can put into it so I'm hoping that work takes up minimal time but I just know that I need this to exist and I want this to be a priority for me this year.
Plot and act on a route into teaching - I'm still not sold on a "career" lifestyle but I have been volunteering at local schools and it's something I can definitely see myself doing. At the moment it looks like the route is going to be to study something IT so that I have a full degree and then use that full degree to be paid to become a teacher. This road looks long and I still need to confirm it's actually an appropriate one but both IT and teaching will help with the website also.
progress tiny house - I've come to the realisation this year that a tiny house is the only kind of house I can have. It's essentially designed fully and the more complex/expensive parts have been priced up - it's simply a matter of being approved for a loan and then building it. The goal this year may be to build up credit to get the loan next year and/or I could build some of the furniture for the house so it's ready to go sooner when the time comes, or maybe it will mean I get the loan and actually begin on the building process this year, but I know that what ever happens I want this idea to progress this year.
connect with a metropolitan lifestyle - it's phrased vaguely but the idea is basically this: I'm living in the English countryside surrounded by old fogeys. Every time I go to London/Oxford/York/Paris I'm reminded that life and people can be so much better than it is here. When I say "connect" it could mean moving to a city, it could mean working in a city, it could mean regularly visiting the city or it could mean all three. I've just started a group in London and it's already got 15 people coming to the first meetup which gives me a lot of hope.

2016 looks vague, but overall I think it has a lot of potential because we're past the "beginning year, set-up" phase and I have no intentions of moving countries again (although Norway does look promising...)
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