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2015 resolutions

Alright, so I'm back once again with resolutions, let's assess what happened last year...

meet lots of people - good I suppose, it's kind of hard not to meet new people when you've just moved to a new country for the first time. The big thing that I did was take a page from the "Yes Man" and agree to every social engagement that was offered to me. Ultimately I think that this means that I made deeper friendships (which I did compared to sydney) but it also means that I'm very sick of people and looking forward to being alone for 2015! Yay!
try lots of new things - Done, once again in part of the "Yes Man" thing and being in a new country, although I was slightly hindered by the harsh NYC weather. And once again kind of sick of doing things, I'm very much looking forward to being an inside computer person this year.
be financially sustainable - hah, this is kind of a funny one because a few days into the new year I got a job that made this a non-issue. At the point of New Years things were a bit questionable but I was actually quite frivolous in NYC and still ended up pretty much breaking even (okay well a little money lost but that's to be expected when you're eating out for every meal and going to events every other day)
get attractiver - now this one was only a semi-resolution but I think it was a success! I'm styling myself a bit differently now and I'm very happy with the change! Looking to expand on this a bit more in 2015

And the new goals:

Get a job, get an apartment - These are kind of pre-resolutions. I've just moved to England and honestly it's very unrealistic for me to imagine a scenario in which these don't happen, but I thought I would include them anyway. My goals for my apartment are to live alone somewhere cheap and in the countryside. And my goals for my job are to work in a field that I haven't worked before and to make exactly enough money to live and not too much more, I want to prioritise time over money again this year.
Get a cat - they don't seem like they're too expensive so this doesn't seem like it will be too hard but it's important that it's on this list and that it gets done because it's about time - I just need a cat in my life.
Get a car - maybe a bit more expensive than the cat but basically the same concept. Driving is just so feeing and makes me happy. My intention is to get a van that have space of a mattress or something in the back and do a bit of road-tripping around Europe in my spare time.
Be regular with working out - I started it a bit during my transition process out of NYC and through Australia, but I'm keen to build it into a regular thing that's part of my life. I have a lot of fun doing it and it's the time to do it while I'm young. I'm particularly keen to show my stamina and self-control by keeping up with it unlike the stereotypical unkept resolution. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it during this initial period of starting up so I might be able to excuse a few weeks off but I also don't want to excuse that.
Begin the process of starting a business - this is it, 2015 is the time to begin! I have a few ideas of what I want to do but it's going to be mainly a process of exploring the area and designing something to suit the community's needs so I don't want to be too preemptive with plans. I also don't know how much of this I will be able to do this year because it seems like I'm going to have my hands full of other things for a bit but now is the time to get started on this, now is the time to start working for myself and not other people.

Alright, lots to do! Wish me luck!
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