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31 December 2013 @ 07:46 pm
2014 resolutions  
Alright, the new year has arrived and I am back!

So wow, what a year! Massive changes as expected, but totally in unexpected ways - as expected actually. Obviously I'm much more active on tumblr now, so that's where most of the changes are recorded, but lets take a look at where I was and where I hoped I would be a year ago, shall we?

make a game - Check and done! I made a board game in March and it was a success! Hooray! I want to explore this more digitally but I have other priorities at the moment
learn to code - Done! Well... I mean have you ever fully learned how to code? There isn't really a 'done'. But I did all of the lessons at Codecademy and that was my major milestone. I really wanted to get started on building functional things but other things kind of swept me off my feet before I had a chance.
draw my comics and write new gamified education comics - Kind of a failure? I didn't make comics so that part I definitely failed in, but I really wanted to draw. I was hoping that the art course I was taking would focus more on creating - instead it was more about talking about creating - so that put a damper on my fun. I did take one drawing class and that was really good and will definitely help with any progress I make in the future, so...? Nah, still a failure.
follow through on marketing plan - Well this one I definitely didn't do at all, but for very good reason and I'm actually quite proud that I didn't follow this one through. On one hand I didn't do it because I realised that photography wasn't my passion any more which was a really big mental shift, allowing myself to open up to new things and leave the past behind. And in its place I actually moved to New York, which was a huge undertaking adventure in itself and was kind of the whole intention behind the marketing plan anyway. So even though I didn't do this, I consider this "resolution slot" an absolute success!
make better things than I have ever made before - this one is tough because of the whole "change in mindset" thing. I guess the way to approach it now is to not look at the "things" I made as objects but rather concepts? Plans? Building a life? Kind of?

and a new one that I added to the list later in the year:
explore business/vending machines - I'm very into the idea of having my own business. I'm very into the idea of building my own vending machines. I quite like the idea of the two of them supporting each other. And I definitely explored this. Check and done.

and on to the next year:
meet lots of new people - As I said, I'm now in New York. I honestly can't think of a better place to network. If I want a good job that's probably the way to go and I'm all about building networks in a new city. My main hurdle with this will be to drag myself out of the house and away from the pokemons.
try lots of new things - New York year! Gap year! It's happening! It's my youth and it's time to mix it up and find out more about what I'm in to.
be financially sustainable - This is my big worry. I honestly just want to make sure that my outgoings equal my expenses so that I can leave New York with a decent amount of money. My intention is to go back home to Adelaide at the end of the year and then off to Europe to set up a more stable living situation (after a year of floating and unpredictability) but if I don't have a stable financial foundation that's going to make things quite a bit harder. Of course I'm open to this plan changing and staying in NYC if things go well here, but at the moment this is the way I am leaning.

Hmm I feel like there should be more. Or there should be more specific things. I guess I'm kind of seeing this year as a year away from my "real life". I have lots of things that I really really want to be doing but I'm really not in a stable enough position with my housing and finances in order to do them. And I'm kind of into using this time to experiment with my look a bit - dye my hair, try my hand at making clothes, work out a bit maybe. But it's not really a priority and I will be fine if I haven't done that by the end of the year so it's not really a resolution per se.
Steph: angel: cordy really likes her red hoodieharbourlight on November 20th, 2014 02:31 am (UTC)
Hey there! Don't mind me, I'm just bored at work and getting nostalgic. I read through all of my old livejournal posts and it made me wonder what you are up to.

So when you see this message in 3 months time let me know how you are!
Joshblueymcphluey on March 24th, 2015 11:52 pm (UTC)
haha, four months later and here I am! My notifications go to the wrong email address so when you see this (in another four months) you should email me at josh.mcgee.g[at]gmail because I sometimes wonder what you're up to as well!