Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

resolutions for 2013

so I've all but abandoned this lj for tumblr as I've said many many times before, but I enjoyed archiving my new years resolutions here previously, so...

okay, so to begin with, a summary on my progress from last years resolutions:
work in a purely aesthetic job - I tried, I did. But evidently not hard enough. I think I've figured out what it would take to do it next year though?
make one graphic every day - not successful at all, I've barely made anything all year. But I'm glad because with the time out from graphic-ing I've discovered new passions. Next year I'm hoping to start a fine arts course so a graphic a day won't be entirely unlikely and I think it was good for me to have a year break.
be published - done and dusted right in the first few months. That said, it was digital so there's still physical as a goal
exhibit in an art gallery - I kind of lucked into it, but done! And I've been invited back next year!
pay car loan - it's funny, in my notes last year I didn't think it was possible, but it was probably the easiest thing on this list. Potentially because I've been working at my day job more than I probably should have which meant I had less time to go for the other things, but more money?
Find friends that I really love - actually done kind of? I don't think this is a concrete one that you can say "check! I have a successful number of friends" but I've met a few people who I'm really very excited to have in my life and that is rare for me.
meet and/or shoot Tabrett Bethell - well that didn't really pan through at all. More testing with the agency is in order I think! But it's also worth noting that it's not really a priority as much any more. Still would be super cool, but my priorities are in flux.

and goals for next year:
make a game - It would probably just be a little flash thing and I don't know what it would be about yet, but games seem more and more important in society and I would like to be able to be a part of that.
learn to code - I've started this already at coursera and khan academy but it's still just the beginning. I would absolutely like to have full control over my website (and to set up a few others I have in mind), maybe turn the coding into some kind of game and also I would like to be able to use codes to make the world more functional, because it's a really powerful tool and I'm not using it.
draw my comics and write new gamified education comics - So I've written a few comics and I hope that my fine arts course can get me to a stage that I can draw those and be proud of them. Also I've been really into the idea of teaching subliminally and in a fun way and I hope that I can contribute to that new global body of work.
follow through on marketing plan - I'm in the process of marketing my photography and I would like to follow that through. Highlights include making a promotional coffee book to give potential clients, shooting more tests and improving my retouching portfolio to apply for retouching jobs.
make better things than I have ever made before - this one is a bit harder to pin down but when I look at my best works to date in each category (icons, photos, etc) approximately 50% of them were made this year and it would absolutely kill me to go have my portfolio look the same by the end of next year.

okay whoa, that is a slightly intimidating list. I feel like it's simultaneously too ambitious and also not ambitious enough, which I guess means it's right on the money? hopefully? We'll see what happens. A year is a long time after all, last years goals almost feel like they were written by a different person.
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