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Hey folks, so as I've mentioned previously, I'm tumbling quite a lot and I thought I would just make my blog a bit more navigatable and make 
a rundown of my most commonly used tags

caps - screencaps from tv shows/movies/youtubes! Generally a good indicator of what I'm watching at that exact moment because I tend to cap as I'm watching things. I love this tag because it gives me a chance to be creative and photographic while still keeping my fannish tendancies, which is my absolute favourite combination.

iphone - photos I've taken with my iphone! I essentially use this tag like most people use instagram. Since I use tumblr to archive my life, this is the tag that I use when the real world is dominating my existence (which isn't very often :P)

music - quite obviously this is the music I'm listening to. All of it is awesome. Specifically keep an eye out for the other tags because I direct you to the best segments of the piece. 

godess - somebody once asked me what kind of woman I want to portray in my photoraphy. This tag is that girl.

cat blog - cats. I luv em.

things I believe - it's good to archive your beliefs?

things I wonder - generally rather abstract and more written for my benefit but there are some eternal puzzlers in there

cool science things - some amazing things that I feel like shouldn't exist except somehow do, thanks to science!

nsfw - All of the amazingly filthy and unacceptable for work things! The good thing about this tag is that if you want porn then you go directly there and drown in hotness, but if you don't want it then it's really easy to use Tumblr Saviour to blacklist it and still enjoy the fun of all of the other things I post, untainted!

food - foods that I either am eating or am currently craving. I try to be as critical as I can be re: the photography, while still staying true to the visual taste of the food.

texture - why have a texture folder when you can have a texture tag? ALL OF THE TEXTURES

my textures - same as above except made my me

mine - mostly dominated by my photography (which makes sense because it's what I try to focus on) but there are a few other things because I want it to be a general tag for everything I've ever made regardless of medium

some facts about me - I feel like this doesn't need to be explained?

ALSO, art is tagged by the people who made it, photos of models like are tagged by their name and tv shows/movies are also tagged by name. So there are loads of one-off tags (such as this AMAZING Sharon Barfoot painting which has since been lost in the archives and not reblogged once, but and there are a thousand other examples of lost brilliance)

and lastly: there are lots of awesome things that aren't tagged just because they don't fit into any specific category and I don't know who made them or where they came from, so just follow everything and stalk your way through the archives because they're all amazing and a lot of it is original content and if you have any questions just ask, thankyou for your time.
Tags: tumblr

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