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Check this out! I made this after I made the last post's, but this one turned out so much better. I really like it, but everybody's complaining that Eliza Dushku isn't really that "curvy". Eh, whatever. Manips rule!


Thee ... eese games look really really good. And hey, they're both multiplayer capable!


I've done a little maths. And apparently if I finish this mining course that I will hopefully get into (yes, I wanna make lots of money fast, and prostitution... no :P ) and I get a job out of it... well, here's the deal, I'd be making $60,000 a year and working two weeks on, two weeks off. Overall, I'd be making $8.50 an hour for every single hour of the year including sleeping. Some people make that much just when they're working! I can't wait to start mining!


Oh my god. I just caught up with Friday Night Light and please, ignore everything I have said. Well... not all of it. It was 'good' up until the 3rd to last episode of season 1... and since then it has been flawless. Watch it.

Now I am catching up with all of the latest releases of shows. You know, those last couple of episodes that were written before the strike. Once I'm done with those it's on to Friends and One Tree Hill!
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