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Well for the first challenge back, we're posting our favourite 100 works of our own and when looking over my entire graphic history I've had a few revelations which I thought I'd share. Along with a whole bunch of icons and photos and textures that didn't make the 100 cut








Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

and now some thoughts about my overall:

Apologies in advance, it was hard to compose this into a cohesive thread so it's more random

for icons one of the big things I noticed when going back over my old works was that it was a lot more fun and carefree. Sure, technically they weren't as strong individually but there was a freedom to them that I really miss. Just making them for the sake of making them. I think photography has affected the way I think because with photos, it's a photo of a person you know and they're going to see it so it HAS TO be good but with icons it should be all about casual pressure-less fun! I find I obsess too much about finding the perfect picture but I should be finding a decent picture and just emphasizing the positives and hiding the weaknesses, which will make it perfect (and "my own")

it's all rather somber and serious and I enjoy being like that but I'd like there to be a bit more variety and a bit more comedy as well

I want my works to be more complex. The photos are all fairly straight-forward, the textures are usually just a couple of brush strokes. I've done quite a bit to enhance them and make them interesting but I'd like there to be more dimensions to it before the retouching.

I really want to start getting into making my own moving photos. and animated icons and wallpapers and all things should be moving

I want to learn more about painting. I think it's so interesting how many different things you can do and how many infinite interpretations there can be. And how colour can just be inserted without it looking out of place. And how some people can paint photo-realism paintings from scratch while people use photoshop to make actual photos look fake.

I want my photos to be more like my icons/wallpapers - lots of textures, light blobs, image blending, etc. Colouring could be a bit less "natural"

the photos need to have more varying emotions. I like the intensity to the expressions and the moment but they're all just a bit too neutral.

And some elements I want to use more:
-abstract cropping
-multiple/blended images

I want to use models of my own choosing. I've tried to do a bit of street-casting but ideally I want to be able to have my pick of everyone

I want to start composing music

start using rigs to have more control over the compositions of my photos

smoke machine helps in more ways than one

I'd like my photos to be more erotic, I tend to shy away from sexuality but it's an exciting and powerful tool

I want to do shoots with more people and just to be able to use them as props if necessary

I either need access to clothes to more clothes or be willing to work with models who are okay with nudity

hairstylists/makeup artists who are able to fulfill my vision

MORE PROPS, that is what money is meant for. They are the secret to exciting photos and I can't believe I haven't used them at all

use photoshop effects because they're free and awesome

I want to be able to travel for shoots and have access to peoples locations (hotels, etc) and taking aerial shots. it would be nice to have a location of my own, that I could paint if necessary/set up like a studio

I need lights, light blockers and skrim stands to have more complex/controlled lighting

and finally, a bit of consumer feedback: what would you like to see from me next? I can't guarantee I will do it (or maybe I will?), I'm just curious
Tags: gifs, icons, patterns, photography, textures, walls

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