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I just love this shot so much... I tried to take a photo of how I feel and this is almost exactly it. The colours, her BONE STRUCTURE!!

I am SO glad I got the 'headshots' thing out of my system with her in our last shoot (usually I feel guilty if the models don't get a headshot they can use out of a shoot) because otherwise I wouldn't have wanted her to face away from the camera like this

mmm that pose... again, I tried to shoot how I feel and this is just about it! She didn't really understand what I meant so I think there's a touch of confusion there, but I think if I played music during the shoot then we would both get more into the mood. I would have loved a bit more of a sultry, intense eye-connection.

Otherwise, the colours - killing it, I love the balance of blues and yellows in the background. I really like how she's slightly shiny, she looks kind of polished and expensive.

my one fault about this is her hair, I really wanted it to be down and flowing but the paint really clogged it up. I'm thinking that if I want coloured hair in the future maybe it should just be done in photoshop? Or maybe use spray paint? Or maybe a temporary food colouring or something with a bleached blonde?

Really love the abstract crop, really love her eyes. Her lips kind of look like Rosie Huntington's, which is a MASSIVE plus in my books - the only problem is the right side kind of looks like it was drawn on, there's not a lot of depth?

Also I wish that the background were in focus. Part of the intention for this shoot was to show off my amazing garden and a blurry green blob really doesn't do enough for me.

Love the colours in the background. I think that the yellows up the top are a little messy but overall it definitely works for me.

I think with the intention of this shot she should have been closer to the edge of the frame. I really wanted it to look like I took a photo of this wall and then stuck her in afterwards and it kind of does, but I want it to be even more

Also I really like the softness to her hand, I wish the lighting were softer on it.

reminds me quite a bit of this shot and I haven't yet decided if it's in a good way or a bad way :P On one hand I don't want to be repetetive, but also it's comforting to know I've got a "look". I think this one is a bit harder and sharper, which makes it different enough though.

I wish that the lighting ratio was a little less extreme, just because it doesn't fit in as smoothly with the other shots.

Also I REALLY wish she were in front of a more interesting background. Remember what I said about showing off my garden? This is like, the opposite of that.

My favourite thing about this is the colouring in the bottom right-hand corner. I do like the pink on the left as well, but I wish it were more integrated into the rest of the shot because there's no pink anywhere else.

I do like the composition and the unusual pose, but it's caused her shirt to billow and make her look very round. I've done hunching poses and encountered this problem before, I'll have to remember to clip shirts at the back in the future

Also once again I'm not crazy about her hair here. And yes she's a beautiful girl and it's kind of hard to take a bad photo of her, but there's something off about her lips here that I just quite can't put my finger on...

Currently my favourite photo I've taken. And interestingly, the model is only barely in sight... mental note: take more abstract shots.

LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE the colouring here, it reminds me of what I was saying about this icon in the last post about how important it is to have desaturation along with saturation to make it have more impact by relativity. But ALSO, I've used complimenting colours (green and purple) which applies to the same rule. AND somehow I've kept the majority of the colouring almost natural (leaves being green, skin being skin-toned, etc). TRIPLE WIN!!

I honestly don't think I can fault this on any level

Shots like this really remind me that I need to crop wider more often. Really liking the background here, for similar reasons to the previous shot. I'm just a tad frustrated with that patch of purple on the right, it doesn't feel as cohesive as I would have liked.

I love her expression, I love her subtle posing. I wish her arms were slightly thinner though? They look a bit out of place.

I guess one design thing is that there are a lot of textures and patterns going on in the background and her dress, I'm finding that she's getting a little lost behind it all

set thoughts

nice and cohesive colour-wise and there is good variety in crops (although I would have liked to have cropped wider more often. I'm making progress from my recent headshot madness, I just need it to be even more)

I did something different for this shoot, in that I sketched out all of the shots and we just tried to achieve all of my sketches. I think it was a very good move because it seems a bit more intentional than some of my previous shoots. One of the problems we encountered with this was that the model had a hard time comprehending the intent behind my sketches, but I think armed with a bit of background music then that can change next time.

The hair was nice but it really wasn't anything like what I'd intended it to be... I'm making a definite resolution that on my next shoot I have a professional hairstylist who isn't just a makeup artist who has a comb.

As far as lighting, it's definitely turned out nice but I found that just using natural light I lack quite a bit of control so I'm going to try implementing a flash in conjunction with natural light on my next shoot.

Also clothes-wise, I had quite a bit of trouble with this shoot. In Sydney there is a lot of potential for publication so when I said that I was just doing the shoot for myself almost everybody dismissed me on the spot, so I really need to get cracking on the whole getting an agent/published work thing because otherwise I can see myself being very restricted.
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