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so can I just say she is wearing NO MAKEUP. I mean perhaps I've done a bit of retouching here and there but this is what she ACTUALLY looks like and that is without flaw. I'm particularly in love with her cheeks and jaw.

If I were to fault this, I'd say I haven't modified the colours enough, they're too neutral and there's not a lot of contrast but then again I did that intentionally because I don't have a lot of that kind of thing in my portfolio. So it's a win/lose, I'm not too fussed

Ok, I need to make a rule for this post that I'm not going to comment on how attractive she is, otherwise all of my comments will just be "ASIUBBUGF;SDSDINGNS STUNNING!!!!!!!" but I mean COME ON

Love the texture to her hair here. It's a bit of black and white which I don't do so often but it really works and I like that the blacks don't go all the way to black. And I like that it's a happy photo because I don't do happy too often because it can be very cheesy but this is genuine and it fits

sexy as hell, goddamn. I just love the contrast between this and the previous shot, they're both attractive but in completely different ways. Love the strands of hair over her face but I wish that overall it were a little more controlled. Love the expression, love the colours, this is a win for me!

I really like the elitism in this shot. The lighting and her expression feels so crisp and editorial.

I wish that her hair had a bit more of a direction to it, it's just kind of flopping. I wish that the shadow on her right hand was less harsh. And good lord I wish I'd changed that shirt because it's not the nicest and it drives me insane in every single shot.

mmmmm the colours! This is just all about the colours and the shapes her face makes, for me.

Also fun reader survey: do people recognise that I used this as my default icon a while back? Does that change your perspective on this as a photo? Or does it change your perspective on that as an icon? For icon-makers on my flist, did you have a criticism of the icon but now that you know it was a photo you feel that your feedback is less valid?

I love the intensity here, I just wish it was even more. I showed it to someone at work and they compared it to The Young Afghan Girl and I think that's so right but this one is WAY less intense. I want it to be brought up to that level

I'm mostly just not too crazy about the lighting here. There's so much light coming from every angle but the front, it wasn't particularly flattering and its meant I had to do quite a lot more retouching than I should have had to.

It's soft, it's nice, I like the profile and the shapes made but there's still a bit of form to her face. I like the colours, I think they totally suit the atmosphere but I don't like my attempt at hiding that horrible shirt XD

MY FAVOURITE!!!! Seriously, just the combination of lighting and colouring has brought out the most amazing blues and purples and greens and everything in such a small space!

And for the reference I am refraining from talking about how amazing she looks!

Very close second I think? I just love the expression and the motion and again, colours are just so spot on. There are a few parts of her hair that I think fall a bit flat but other than that - LOVE EVERYTHING

I really like the lighting here, the subtlety in the tones on her skin (loving that blue on her eyelids) and the greens/yellows in the background!

The problem is that this is one of her least attractive shots - just the combination of angle and lighting and so forth isn't leading to her looking as good as we all now know she can.

I like the spontaneity to this one, but I'm not in love with the balance of light and dark and in a black and white shot that's pretty much the only thing you need to have a technically good photo :/

Probably just stating the obvious but I love the lightness here. It's so much but it hasn't blown out at all, all of the detail remains. Also I just thought I'd mention that while I have lightened the picture overall, I haven't adjusted her irises selectively.

Also her lips are such an attractive shape here!!

I saw a painting a bit like this a while back and I wanted to do something similar but it doesn't really work quite the same in a photo :/

Her lips look amazing though!

Love the expression, love the red to her hair. I like the smokeyness to this picture overall. My main fault is that her hair isn't red enough and her mouth looks a tad uncomfortable.

This is a very attractive person, you guys!! I mean just the depth to her eyes, alone...

I don't love my attempt at mixing up the colour of the shirt in PS and her lips look a touch too light, though.

I like this because it reminds me of the old Gucci campaigns by Mario Testino! I love the expression, it's just so natural and spontaneous. I like the lighting, I like the slightly-off crop.

I don't love her hair and also I feel like with this style of shot she should be wearing makeup because there are a few bumps and bruises I couldn't clean out in photoshop.

I love the depth to the lighting here, she feels very three-dimensional. I can just feel those jutting cheekbones and sculpted nose! Once again the colouring is natural but with a bit of edge, I feel like I'm getting better and better at that.

However the shirt TOTALLY ruins the bottom half of the shot for me, the colours aren't as deep and it just looks so much cheaper than she does.

The colouring is very tumblr-esqe and her features are very pretty-pretty... I keep on waiting for it to be reblogged but alas.

Also for the reference, while I generally try and aim for something a bit rougher and more editorial, in a setting like this where I'm just doing all kinds of things, I have fun going a bit prettier every now and again, I just don't want to do it all the time.

also: HAIR

really grooving on the abstractness of this one! And the colours! And the motion!

I wish we'd spent a little more time working on her expression

I like this one because it reminds me of a painting. It feels rather old-fashioned but in a very good way. The balance of tonality and the waves in her hair... I'm definitely down with this. I can't say it ranks in my top shots of this set though.

I mostly just love how different she looks here. And also CHEEKBONES!!!

Her hair is a ridiculous mess, those splotches in the background don't jive with my particularly well and the sunlight is a bit TOO extreme. I do like the skintones but I swear they looked a lot better in Photoshop...

oh god this light is just too beautiful. It's so soft and she's just glowing and her nose looks BEYOND PERFECT. And those cheekbones! And her hair has such a nice texture to it (it's so funny, these were shot within a period of an hour and a half but her hair goes through so many stages of quality)

There's something a little off about her lips and eyes though. I'd need to do more research on them to figure out what but... whatever, there are enough good things in this to tide me over!

Yes this was shot during the last set, and your point being??

Heh but basically this is an outtake and I needed to put it SOMEWHERE. It had to be seen! I mean those colours! I tried something a little different and it TOTALLY payed off (you will see more of this in the future!) I just love the reds coupled with the blues and greens and how they relate in the background as well as in her hair and dress and hands.

The lighting on her face is so incredibly attractive and I'm glad I cropped wide for this one because I tend to get excited about her face and I want to capture it with as many pixels as possible but I forget how great her body is also!

set thoughts

ok so not quite a set and not really in demand of thoughts but more a rundown of why this set is what it is - I'd scouted this model (very exciting, my first casting and boy did I ever strike gold) and I'd done the previous shoot with her but I wanted more and she really needed a strong headshot or two for her portfolio. I figured I'd give her every kind of headshot so that she could be promoted in every which way that the agency wanted. And then that last shot was just for kicks :P
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