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mmm the colours... loove the magenta/cyan combo. I like that AJ's hair even matches it. I wish that Dani's blonde was a little more saturated, I would have loved to have seen the yellows just punching through. I wish that both of their hair were styled differently though, once again this was NOT what I asked for... as I discuss all of these sets I realise more and more that I need a properly trained hairstylist for my new sets

I like the crop, it's very contained, It shows off the clothes nicely... I just wish that they were more to look at. Once again I didn't want to use these clothes but my provider fell through at the last minute once again and I had to go to extreme last-resort clothes-finding measures and this was the result. Definitely better than nothing (or maybe not! NUDE SHOOT!!) but not my style at all.

I mostly just love AJ's face. It's so editorial and effortless, I'm so excited that she's coming to Sydney soon because I've got so many ideas of what I could do with her (yeah I know that sounds filthy but whatever you know what I mean). Dani is definitely a beautiful girl but she's one who has her angles but not every angle will work in her favour which doesn't really work so well in a shoot when I have to worry about how two people look and how they're both performing and we're also racing against the sunset (the makeup took HOURS, so many things were going wrong this day). I would have really liked her to be looking a bit more relaxed.

First of all: boobs.

Ok now that that's out of the way, I'm not totally in love with this colouring, I think it's a little warm and bright overall? I think they both have some really nice features (*ahem*) and AJ's nose is just so perfect, but overall I'm not content with how either of them look. I think if there was a bit of fill coming from the front then it would have made the lighting a bit more flattering and I wouldn't have had to retouch as much

Definitely my favourite of the set, I love the colours. The greens and the magentas, everything's just so vibrant and very me. AJ is once again without flaw, Dani I think wasn't really built for this style of makeup or maybe her eyes are a bit darker or something because I'm just losing them and it's annoying me.

I like the abstract hand, I wish it had a bit more tension. I don't like the colour aberration brought in by the screen door because that was a nightmare to remove and even then I missed a few bits.

Not my favourite (a little girly girly) but hey, she's had it as her profile picture on facebook for months so I'm happy! And it's got about a million reblogs on tumblr thanks to glucoze's popularity XD

I do really like the colours though, her skintones came out very naturally and the blues and reds were made for each other. And you know I love a good background gradient ;)

set thoughts

a good set! I took this after the course so I haven't had the lecturers breathing down my neck about natural colours and that meant I could really let loose and have them bring the shots to life.

I think that style-wise they're not particularly consistant, some of the shots are editorial, some of them are significantly softer... I went into it with a strong idea of the style I was aiming for but I forget it when it actually came to the shooting so I think I need to work on that.

Obviously having only one supplier of clothes has proven to hurt me in the last couple of shoots, but I'm really happy that I had enough changes during this set to have different clothes in each shot.

I think once again the hair and makeup took a lot longer than it was intended so I really need to start at the crack of dawn. I had to run around finding clothes before the shoot but if we'd met earlier then I could have done that as the makeup was being done. Or alternately if we'd met before the shoot and sussed out exactly the look we were going for and how it would look on each of the girls then it would have been more seamless on the day.

As far as crop, I like that they're not all headshots so YAY for that! They ARE pretty much all center-crops though, so I really need to explore new and different kinds of cropping.
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