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Check it out! I made a manip! I've made several very horrible ones in the past, but I am fairly pleased with this one. When I look at it now I can hardly tell that it's supposed to be ***** *******.


Saw 27 Dresses. I liked the actors, but did not like the movie as a whole. On the way out mum went insane, but I feel no need to confuse and burden you with my personal life. Livejournaling is about fun and fanart, not whining about personal lives in my opinion. (although if you want the full story just let me know :P )


I've been playing X-Men Legends II. My characters are: Magneto, Iceman, Nightcrawler and Wolverine. I mainly use Nightcrawler.


I did an online driving license test. I passed easily without reading the rule booklet. I don't know about you, but that disturbs me.


I downloaded a file that makes my computer look like Windows Vista. It's shiny and I now live in fear for the day when dad tells me that it's unsafe and that I have to uninstall it.


I've been watching Ugly Betty season 2. I now like it, but can't find any fun HQ pictures of Rebecca Romijn (who I've been misspelling Romjin for ages, now) which makes me sad.

EDIT: DUH! I'm such a moron! No wonder I couldn't find any HQs... I've been searching Rebecca Romjin! *headdesk* but yay!
Tags: driving, games, tru calling, ugly betty, vista, walls

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