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Just perfection. I mean his face you guys, are you seeing this!? And his jaw and lips and nose and so many things!!

Also, the colours! Such rich and full pastels, it's not really like anything I've done before but at the same time it really is.

Basically the intent of the shoot was to get some headshots but to shoot 'wide' headshots (if such a thing were posissible!) because basically I was trying to avoid his body but I've been getting SO sick of the infinite number of 'head and shoulder' cropped photos I have in my portfolio. So intent achieved!

I really love the background and it reminds me of this shot, in that it's essentially a plain coloured background but the creases in it give it a bit of texture and life! But also with the added dimension of the segmented colours it takes it up a knotch aesthetically!

I like this one less. I think that with the stretching and the expression in the previous picture it gave it a bit of tension but in this one he's just a bit too calm.

I like the background for the same reasons as the previous one but it's not just the exact same thing with different colours, the different shapes and textures keep it fresh. I do think that the yellow is a tad too contrasted and distracting.

I like the colours - I don't love them. I think if perhaps the balance of light throughout the picture could be adjusted then that would have helped. And if his shirt was darker it would be less distracting.

I think I probably should have finished retouching this, left it a week to settle in my mind and then done a bit more instead of allowing myself to be pressured into releasing it right as I think I'm finished.

set thoughts

alriiiight now this is more like it! Now we're up to recent times! I've got a few more shoots to share but just to give you a relative idea of the time-stream, I finished retouching these within the past weeks as compared to the previous set which I finished retouching over six months ago :P

so, as far as a set, it's a bit small. And I wish we could have shot more but we only had a half hour before he had to rush off to something else, although I think what I will do is what I'll do with this set and shoot some additional photos for the set when I next see them.

I've tried a bit to mix up the colours (maybe I should have tried harder?) but it's so obvious that he's wearing not only the same blue shirt in both shots but it's the same blue shirt he's worn in EVERY shot I've taken of him. It's tough because he really doesn't have a lot of options and I can't go to a fancy store and borrow clothes because he probably wouldn't fit it. Oh the drams of working with non-models!
Tags: 2011, photography, tom

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