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Love this one! what a perfect face, clothes, crop, background, etc! And I like that the focus isn't totally pin crisp. And that gradient in the bottom right hand corner - I don't know who put that there (no really, it wasn't me :S) but it's amazing. The colours are so spot on, they're vibrant but not overbearing and there is a really nice contrast and quality to the light.

My only real fault is his expression, it's a little dopey but whatever, there are so many other good parts about this picture that I don't mind. Also there's a bit of grain from shooting at 400ISO but it's bearable

So just to get this out of the way, yes this is the ex. Yes he's outrageously attractive. Yes the lighting is amazing. Yes the story and crop behind the picture is perfect. And also yes, I did miss the eyes with the focus, but I still kind of like it!

Forreal you guys, what a face. Usually I get really frustrated when people smile because it messes up their features and they look massively less attractive but when you can get away with it, it's perfection.

Love the colours here, there are a few unnatural fringes that I probably should have worked on but eh, I'm willing to let them slide because it looks good overall and this isn't a shot for a magazine or anything.

Don't love this one. The colours in the light are really nice but it's by no means bringing out his best features. I should have brought in a black card and blocked off a bit of the yellow light from the left so that his cheeks could have a shadow and his face would have more form. I should note that I also really do like his wrists here

I also really like the colours but I find that if I'm going to be doing shots like this where it's all just random non-cohesive shots then they should be REALLY different. And this looks just a bit too much like the previous shot for my liking.

I really like the gradient to the background, the blocked lighting and the colours in his shirt. Also his nose looks good but I don't think having the main light coming from the back like that is the best look for him. I also don't like the way the light looks going through his untamed hair.

I like the life to this one, there's a bit of motion and story. I think I probably should have refined his features a little more, because as shown by the previous shots he can look A LOT better than this.

I don't love the colours, I can see that I was trying to go for something a bit subdued but it's just too much... it's kind of my signature to have colours so I should have taken advantage of it.

Here we go, back to a strong face shot! And really, just look at those lips! And those EYEBROWS, good lord! So perfectly proportioned!

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that this looks like a movie cap! The simple out of focus background and the low-contrast, balanced lighting. I intend to be doing more like this. And the colours on his face are pretty much perfect, a really good blend of natural and colourful, I just think that there's something a bit off about the balance of blues in his shirt and on the background. The blacks probably could have been a bit darker and the blues should have been a bit more cyan

set thoughts

so just to clarify, this was just a casual shoot, it was always intended to yeild mix-matched results, it's all okay.

Now as far as mix-matched results go, I think they could be more different. There are a few there that look REALLY similar and I probably could have changed up the colour of his shirt of gone to more of an extreme with the colouring. Maybe done a bit of texture use? Who knows... all thoughts for next time. But overall - some very attractive shots, a bunch of them that are usable as facebook photos, some new lightings/locations explored... all objectives were achieved!
Tags: 2010, photography, tom

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