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I love the intensity to this one. It's so dark and the blurryness really works for it, but they're also the things that make it not feel like it fits in with the rest of the set.

I love the colours, the greens and the blues and magentas. Her collarbone is amazing, her lips are amazing, jaw, cheekbones, it's all good. I wish that I'd had a stronger light coming from the front so that her chest didn't look quite as concave. I really really wish that her hair had been styled differently - it's pushed back, that's definitely what I wanted but it's just so forced, it should have been more casual.

It's really frustrating me that the shot is so symmetrical but the V in her dress is lopsided. And I really wish that the shadows in the background were a bit less intense

Very into this one, the curves of her body and the colours in the background. The colours in the dress on the other hand lack a bit of depth. I suspect I used a selective colour layer at some point and removed the yellow from the reds and I think that may have looked good in some areas but it shouldn't be EVERYWHERE because then you end up with a really limited colour palette

I like the way she's posed and her use of her hands and I love the texture to that dress.

Things I wish were different: if I'd cropped out SLIGHTLY further, because it's a little bit cramped and the background is just amazing. And also if her nose were slightly smaller because it's a bit obnoxious on her face.

Yeah the hair really is frustrating me now...

And I would say that I like the lighting, but her face in this one is pretty much painted from scratch, so I guess I like my portrayal of lighting?? Whatever it is, it's making her cheekbones look NIIICE. I do wish that I'd lit this better on set though, so I wouldn't have to spend days retouching it to only have it look decent.

Not crazy about the background, it's a bit too light and lacks the richness that the others have. But overall I'm very much appreciating the purples in this shot, there's such a variety.

Also I like the pose and the crop but her expression is so empty, it's really frustrating.

I mean that background, JUST LOOK AT IT. That colour and depth, it's just SO MUCH. It really is the stuff dreams are made of and I wish I'd just taken advantage of it more. To have her just standing there makes me kick myself in retrospect.

If she'd been posing more dramatically and maybe with some props or something it really could have been a killer shot, because the colours are there, the background is there but the actual "subject" itself is just not doing a lot for me. She does have some very nice curves going on though, I'll just say that now.

Can we just talk about her body for a second, it's 99% unretouched and I LOVE that. Her calves, her arms, her shoulders, collarbone, wrist, everything visible I like. Admittedly her skin got a little messed up in the colouring process but even then it's not that bad!

Her face on the other hand was not good. Once again I pretty much had to build her from scratch and I really wish I'd brought a softbox in to the location to just even out the lighting a bit. She does look gorgeous in the final result though, so regardless of how it looked in-camera I'm happy with her cheekbones and jaw and lips, etc

Her eyebrows on the other hand... :/ they're just so patchy and if re-shaped they could be quite a bit darker without being obnoxious. And her hair is a PROBLEM

So I did the soft, girly thing again. I'm not happy with it purely for that reason, but she had it as her facebook profile picture for months so objective achieved I guess?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the tonality of the leaves just above her left shoulder. I guess it's because they have a graduated reflection in them and if I'd been strategic I could have brought in black cards to block out some of the reflections in others... a note for next time I'm dealing with leaves/reflections then I guess!

I like the lighting, I think she looks nice overall. Her upper lip is frustrating me because I don't believe that highlight, it needs more of a shadow counterpart. And I wish her eyes had been a little more relaxed for a shot like this.

UGH MY FAVOURITE. I think this is very possibly my favourite professional-looking shot to date. There's so much emotion and her face is flaw-free and the pose is so casual but dramatic and angular and her body looks FANTASTIC (my god, her neck, somebody hold me)

The colours in the background are a complete MESS but I don't even care because there are so many other beautiful things.

mmm again, emotion is what's selling this for me. And her perfect, perfect jaw. And nose. And lips. And hand. And the hair actually doesn't look half bad when you can barely see it!

The background is really quite horrific though (especially when the other shots show how incredible it can look) and it just kills me that the focus is slightly off!

set thoughts

I think the colours turned out very cohesively, the compositions are varied, the shots are all very different but still obviously a set so I'm fairly happy. I think that emotions-wise they don't tell a whole lot of a story and there isn't a lot of cohesion in the style so that's something I will keep an eye on next time. Also I think that the strongest ones are the ones where she's not looking at the camera so that's another thing I will think about.

Also I hate to shoot myself in the foot and point out something you might not have noticed (because of my sneaky strategic set arrangement >:) ) but she's wearing the same clothes in several shots and that really should be fixed...
Tags: 2010, photography

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