Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

this is an unsual set so I think I will talk about it all as a whole. The intent wasn't for me to make something for myself, but rather give her some dancing shots for her to use. Therefore I haven't used any retouching, other than the contrast/balance of light throughout the shots. And you know what, I think she looks REALLY good! Very natural and pure. I die for the elegance in her hands and her body is making some very nice shapes.

This hair length looks amazing on her (especially that first shot, she reminds me of Kahlen in LotS)!

I really like this style of lighting, it's got a nice contrast and yin/yang feeling to it, but I feel like it doesn't look as professional as it could, it's not quite as refined as I'd like.

Overall very happy with this set, I achieved what I set out to achieve!
Tags: 2010, maddie, photography
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