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I like the angles his arms are making, it's such a strong right angle. His face looks fantastic, I love his cheekbones!! I'm not sure I'm totally sold on the quality of muscle on his arms though. And the background is pleasant but by no means exciting.

I like the touch of blue in his shirt, but I feel like that theme could have been continued by a reflection in his hair like in this shot, just to counteract all of the warm colours everywhere else

Overall I like the colouring with the touches of purples in the skintones, it's not a skintone I've done before which is always fun. I do think that there's a little too much yellow in the background. Also I appreciate the red in his hair but I think in adding it, it's lost a bit of contrast.

I like the expression but I think it could be a LOT more intense and haunting. And that hand being such a block looks really awkward. His lips are fantastic though

Really into his face here - the cheekbones, the jaw, nose, lips, it's all good. He looks a little cramped though, like his head has been pushed into his neck, if he'd relaxed and just pulled out a bit I think this shot would be a LOT better.

I like the shape that the hedge in the background makes and the balance of light and dark. And that subtle texture in the sky - I'm SO glad I used textures for this set because it brought out the best of the shots in a really subtle way.

And his shirt looks really cheap :/

Again this is all about the face for me. Nice strong jaw, lips, nose, forehead, etc. His body does look a little... unusual? I'm not quite sure what it is but I don't like it :/ I think that switching up the pose could have helped a bit.

Colours: spot on. Strong, while also being natural and varied.

Possibly my favourite of the batch? And I don't even really love it, which says something...

I do really like the lighting and how it's got a bit more contrast to it than the others. I like the gradients all over the place - thankyou textures.

I guess I just wish that the shot were a bit more lively or that there was a story or a prop or something.

COR, LOOK AT THOSE GREENS IN THE LEAVES! Gives me chills! And in his shirt, so fantastic.

And I really like what a clean shot this is, his skin is nice and smooth but there's still a crispness to it. I think that his nice shirt has something to do with that fact.

I do think that his lips could have done with a bit more retouching and that his eyes could have done with a catch-light

I think this lacks the colour depth that the other shots have. It's got the same mid-colours but there aren't any bits that stand out, there's not enough contrast.

Also I think that the lighting wasn't the most flattering so I've had to resort to retouching him to look good and that didn't turn out the most naturally. And again, that cramped hand returns... :/

set things

So not my favourite set. But once again it wasn't exactly an ideal shooting scenario. I THOUGHT I was going to have 4+ female models so all of my concepts were based around that and I ended up with him so it's totally improvised on the spot. And I think I've done very well considering, there's not a lot more that could be done with that drastic of a change but I think having a more instinctual knowledge of props, posing and expressions could have helped.

That said I did really like him as a model, I didn't have to do a lot of retouching, but the bits I did have to were the easy bits. As a rule I find lips and eyes really hard to fake and I'd say they are two of his strongest suits.
Tags: 2010, jasper
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