Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

Yeah, it's alright. Again I wanted to start of by doing a "cover" shot and I think this is relatively successful - it pretty much iconifies the shoot and there's plenty of space for text and such.

I wish there had been a bit more shape in the background, instead of just straight black. And I wish I'd spent a bit more time working on his nose/upper lip.

I think the impressive thing is his face - usually this angle of lighting makes people look their worst but I think it's actually bringing out all the right features. And I like that it's giving the shot a bit of a story (I'm reading that he's a serial killer or something and just out of frame there's a gun :P)

I REALLY REALLY don't like his clothes though and the background has a bit more life to it but not enough.

This one is my favourite! We've got a bit more of the serial killer (?) story going on and he looks great once again. The background is my favourite of all of them - it's exactly what I was hoping to capture out of this location, I love the depth to it and the framing aspect. The light is really well distributed around the scene.

My one fault with this is that ridiculous frilly shirt.

Yeah alright, I like the distribution of light. I think he looks good but not great - there are a few bits that look a bit fake. The colours are really nice, I like the greens and the purples

I think the big thing that lets this shot down is once again the clothes, that pattern is really obnoxious and distracting

My least favourite. He's just kind of standing there, he looks a bit confused? I don't understand how this fits with the others and frankly I don't know why it's even part of the set :P

I do really really like that mottled red light though

set things

I like this as a set mostly because the crops are varied enough to make them feel like different shots, there's some variety in the clothes (not a lot, mind you XD) and there's a bit of a recurring narrative.

Obviously if I were to shoot this again I would have arranged different clothes but other than that I think we did the best we could in the time we had. I went into it not knowing whether this style of lighting would work or what style of shots we were aiming for or even what this model looked like and I think I could have done better if I'd known those things in advance. But then, the whole intent of the shoot was to learn those things... so maybe what I need to do is shoot every set twice so I can learn what I'm up against the first time and then produce the strongest results the second time around? That just doesn't seem practical is all...
Tags: 2010, leo, photography

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