Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

I just love the lighting here and she looks so fresh and clean! Brilliant! Probably one of my favourite headshots to date

A few small things I don't like: the background colours are just a bit off - the balance of saturation and contrast was a bit wonky in the original picture and that made it really hard to get looking "right". The top right corner could probably be a bit darker to draw us in. And also her hair could be a tad more under control - I like it being messy but in some areas it's a bit much.

Really really like this one too. Again it's just so clean and crisp, I love the hair on her face (and, well, her face in general). But once again I do think it really could be a lot more refined and controlled - I'm definitely learning that doing it myself isn't good enough at this stage.

I do wish I'd done a little more retouching on the background just to give it a bit of a boost of colour or contrast or something just to make it a bit more interesting.

again, love the lighting, love the hair on her face, love the softness overall. I am CRAZY about her eyelids here, which is such a random thing but I've never seen eyelids look so attractive in my life

My big issues with this are again, the hair - but also the angle that it was shot from doesn't fit particularly well with me, I like to be roughly eye-level with the subjects.

gah, this pose! so unusual but not completely nuts and over the top! and her body! I love it and it makes me kick myself for not cropping out further in the other shots.

For the background, I like that there's kind of a gradient going on but I wish that the upper right-hand corner was a bit darker to emphasise it

I really like the colours of her skintones and her connection with the camera was so perfect for what I was going for. But again, the big let-down for this shot for me is her hair

set things

by FAR my most tumblrific set... and yet no reblogs. what the hey!

But seriously, I set out to take some pretty headshots of her and I did that! Mission accomplished, I think. The problem being what is a recurring problem for me in that it's just not my favourite set ever because it IS the pretty thing rather than the edgy thing. And also my hairstyling D:

I don't think they're totally cohesive but I think that's because the skintones are VERY different in a few of them. That doesn't worry me too much in this case because I wasn't really intending to make a completely cohesive set - the intent was to take some shots she could use for her portfolio that were strong individually. But apparently she couldn't use them because her agency didn't want it to be known she has freckles but that's absurd because the freckles are amazing...
Tags: 2010, emily, photography

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