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I really like this. The reds really do it for me, I like the contrast in the lighting, I like the shape of his nose. His hair could be a little more refined because it's kind of all over the place (sure it kind of works but I think it would be better if it were wild but a bit more controlled)

I wish I'd used a round light because I hate the square reflections in his eyes. I wish I'd spent a little more time to work out the colouring on his neck because polarization is never a good look. And I wish I'd worked on his lips a little more (WHAT! PUN NOT INTENDED HOW DARE YOU) because they look a bit fake. But overall I think it's a successful headshot!

I know it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I like the blurryness here, it reminds me of a film photo which always has that softness about it. I like the darkness, the highlights and shadows on his cheekbones are PERFECT. Also I don't know what it is about them but his shoulders and body proportions look really good! And the crop!

Also as a general rule for life I really like the shape that stairs make but it's just the bricks that are killing me here :/

So clean and perfect. I actually really dig the commercial aspect of this. The lighting is really cool, the shirt is fitting really well, his jaw looks FANTASTIC. Again, I'm having a slight problem with his lips, eyes and hair, but really the lighting here is what seals the deal

GASDFUKODSFINGS;NSDBA... things... I just... words... I have no faults

set things

so basically, the intent of this shoot was to give him a bit of a portfolio that made him look like he'd done lots of different shoots. Therefore, unlike all of my previous shoots where they weren't cohesive enough, for once I had to actually work to make them un-cohesive! Which it turns out wasn't that hard because it's kind of what I do naturally :P

And YES, it was shot the same afternoon as the last shoot. Yes it does concern me that you can tell. I should have put a bit more effort into this end of the shoot but basically I was doing this because his agency wanted me to and not because I did.
Tags: 2010, photography

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