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First of all, I love this pose! So unusual, it just defies gravity! I wish we could have done more shots like this but he was all oiled up and we were making huge stains on the expensive studio background :P If I were to shoot this again, I probably would have tilted his head up a bit more to make it even more exaddurated

I'm also really into the colours. Again it's not a look that's particularly over-the-top but it's not just straight studio colouring. The blues in the background are nice but there wasn't a lot of contrast in the background to begin with so in adding them it made it a bit posterized.

I really dislike his hair though. It was so coarse and intent on going in its own direction, I'm not really sure what I could have done differently other than getting a hair expert into do their own thing

haha first of all I just want to point out that he wasn't actually nude XD he was actually wearing pants but I retouched over them. You see, I have intents on shooting with nude models in the future and I wanted this to be an example that I can shoot nudes flatteringly, but without actually shooting nudes :P It's a little backwards and complex but basically once again PS is the saviour of my life.

Again, REALLY liking the colours here! REALLY liking the greasyness! That inwards waist curve is excellent. Like the last shoot, there's a quietness to this posing that I really like.

If I were to shoot this again, I probably would have properly centered the shot and brought up the fill light a bit so the contrast wasn't so extreme.

I think this is probably my favourite of the set, the way the balance of lighting reminds me of renaissance paintings! He looks fantastic obviously, highlights in all the right places, very nice arms and shoulders. I like how subtle and colourful and dark the background is

The hair is probably the biggest let down for me in this shot also.

I think this is my least favourite, his face just looks REALLY uncomfortable. The lighting was particularly unflattering on his face and I tried to retouch to fix it but I think it was beyond repair. I picked out this shot because I liked the composition and that the limbs were cropped like in these but I regret ever selecting it at all at this point because it really brings down the average level of quality in the set.

I really really love the colours again though :D The balance of pinks and yellows in his face is soo so perfect. Also, remember how I was wondering why peoples necks looked lumpy? I realised recently realised that it was because they were missing those V strands - I love those V strands!

See, I like the abstractness of the overlaying hand but his hand was just a lot more aged than the rest of him, it was very unusual.

There are so many other problems and they're mostly the same as the other shots: the hair, the posterised background, not enough fill light... but also there are new problems! His forehead looks GIGANTIC for some reason and my selection on the background has holes in it

His collarbones and pecs and nose and cheekbones look good though, and I like the composition so I don't know...

Most of all, I really love how dark this is. I really want to explore darkness more and why it makes me so excited because it really is one of those things that almost never fails to get me excited. I mean, just look at that background and how deep and full of life it is! I can't explain these things!

I really like how clean the planes of his face are, his shoulders are very nice... I just I wish I'd taken a bit more time to revise his abs, they look so horribly fake.

Also one of my lecturers mentioned that it looked like he was "hocking a loogie" and now it's all I can see when I look at this shot - darn it! I really liked his hand there before!

I like how simple this shot is. It's a shot about his back and it's obvious and clear and it looks good and there are some nice shapes being made. Once again, the colours are the real killers here for me. And also his hair doesn't look horrible???

Again, it was totally the wrong light angle for his face. I've done what I could to fix it but there was not a lot that could be done I think. However, I do really like how his nose turned out.

And also the crop.

set thoughts

I think lighting-wise, I should have had the lights higher and more frontwards (like in the one I singled out as being my favourite) with a bit more fill.

I think if I had a background I could get messy I could have done a bit more unusual and interesting things with the posing and then having so many shots could have felt a bit more justified. And I just want to point out that while I've kind of done that whole background rainbow thing, it's a bit subtly different this time and it doesn't just feel like a repeat so I fully intend on doing it again!!

I'm definitely noticing that a recurring theme that without a hairstylist it's really letting my shoots down so I'm definitely going to have to get a hold of someone who specializes it hair for when I get back into shooting.

Also crop-wise I couldn't really go out much further because of his pants but it would have been nice if the shots had had a bit of depth to them in the sense that he wasn't just perpendicular to the camera always (like if he were lying and leaning in towards the camera) and also in a shoot like this that is so focused on his body, I'm really disappointed that I didn't get any close-up or abstract shots
Tags: 2010, photography

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