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I really love the shapes here and the bending and flexing horizontal line that goes through the branch and into her. I wish that the cobblestones were just sand because I find them to be a bit distracting from her and this shape. Also I really love her legs and their shape and the way that they curl into each other as well

I think it's incredibly sexy with the shirt but no pants thing and her hair all pulled back. I wish there was a bit more wave to her hair, it's a bit like a block but in general I think it's a good look. And her face is flawless - a very Magdalena Frackowiak square-headed look and that's a look I like.

I wish that compositionally I'd cropped so that there was a little more branch on the left because I think her torso is a little too centered. And normally I'm not into muted colours but I'm finding that there's enough variation here to do it for me

I mostly just love the colours here. The greens and yellows in her hair (which is successfully wavier in this shot!) and IN THE BACKGROUND - look at those blues! How did they happen! And then the pink on her lips... yes!

Again, the shapes are nice - I like the block of white her shirt makes against the dark background and the way she's composed facing out of the frame like that is definitely something I like looking at.

I don't actually like looking at her face in this one though. Her skin just looks very leathery, I wish the makeup had had a bit more of a fresh sheen to it. And just the shape of her eyes and the proportions of her features - I wish I'd played a bit more with the light in-camera to make it a bit more flattering.

I don't really love this. In fact, I'm struggling to find things I like about it... I mean, the colouring is nice the posing is nice, there's just not of a lot of really strong elements I can grab a hold of, it's all just a bit wishywashy.

I should have scouted the location beforehand to find the best place so that the background could have been more dramatic (and it really should be considering it takes up such a large portion of the frame) And there really needs to be more variation in colours in the background and those pebbles need to GO.

I should have put a bit more effort into retouching her to perfection but it was a nice shot before retouching and I wanted one that looked like she really looks and I've since learned that considering I'm always aiming for perfection that isn't good enough. It is for a portrait when the intent of the shots is to look like the person but when I'm telling my story they should perfection personified.

set thoughts

ironically, there are so many things different about these shots but I find that they fit together rather well as a set! The different compositions actually make them more cohesive which I wouldn't have thought would be the case but it keeps them from being the EXACT same thing over and over.

The colours aren't precisely the same but I used roughly the same colouring layer stack on each so I'm thinking that the lighting and colours in person don't matter so much but rather the PS treatment that is important.

I think my biggest letdowns in this shoot were the fact that I didn't know the location very well so we spent a lot of shooting time wandering around and exploring. And also again I was working with a student makeup artist and she didn't do what I wanted her to but I settled and ended up having to retouch more than if she'd had no makeup
Tags: 2010, photography

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