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So I really love her skin here - so clean, so fresh - but not overly retouched-looking! Especially that swath of skin on the right with her cheekbone and her jaw, so perfect. I think that her forehead could do with a bit more depth to it, it's a little too protruding and obnoxious.

Her hair looks a bit too dry and coarse for my liking - I had a hairstylist in especially and she completely ignored my example pictures, it was incredibly frustrating in the end we had to completely redo it on set and that led to this pose :P

I love that her nailpolish matches her lipstick and don't her lips look incredible! The upper lip lacks a bit of dimension but overall: wow!

I like this one slightly less than the previous. The composition is nice and I think her facial proportions are a little more attractive but there's no strong front light so her skin lacks the sheen it did before. Also this wider crop/angle gives her messy hair more reign over the picture.

I also want to mention now that I really like her shirt and I really love her collarbones.

I love the energy of this, there's the motion (which I apparently can't stop raving about) but also it's a nice, casual collapsed pose.
And can I just say OH MY GOD, HER BODY! You know how I'm always bragging about how I've done all of the work in the picture? Well aside from a few minor minor touch-ups this is legitimately what she looks like 24/7 O_O Those shoulders! The thighs! That neck! Her little dainty hands :P I wish we had a chance to shoot again with a revised concept because I don't think I even came close to capturing her best shot.

GOOD GOD THAT RIGHT LEG! With the calf and the ankle and the curve of the foot!! Are you seeing this right now!! And the crop is perfect and her hair probably does look the best here. But yeah, probably my least favourite of all of them, I just don't think it's my style. She looks a little too cutesy/dolly.

and as a set?

Well this was my first shoot with a professional, working model! How exciting! Basically the main intent behind this was to get some good, simple portfolio shots. I wanted to prove I could do commercial and this was it - I consider this a success! I think I've since done better but in the situation I was in I did a really good job!

It was really interesting working with a hair/makeup person for the first time also - on a personal level I really enjoyed the whole casual on-set smalltalk (which is good because if this is what I want my career to be then my life will be primarily filled with that) but on a more professional level I found myself getting a little frustrated just because she was a student and wasn't able to achieve the look I was going for. And as I said in a previous post it's an incredibly difficult situation to have the fault of the shots not lie directly in your own hands :/ If I were to do this exact shoot all over again, I would have left a LOT more time for hair/makeup and spent more time prior to the shoot looking for someone I can trust more with my vision~~

And also I really like the variation in crop - going from close to steadily wider is a really clever layout for a portfolio set because then we get to focus on different aspects of the model.
Tags: 2010, photography

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