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ooh, I love the energy about this. The blurryness, the head angle, the cinematic lighting, it's all very much up my alley!

Now things that I wish were different: that bar in the background is in such an awkward place, if it were just a tiny bit lower it would make a really nice frame. And it would be nice if the background gradient was a bit stronger. His lips are a bit too light, I've retouched them to be fuller and they look a bit out of place. And is shirt is absurd. It's my shirt, it's okay for me to say that :P

mmm this lighting... I need more of this in my life!! I love the extended neck posing! And again, shapes are happening! The gradient in the background is a little too on-the-nose, it would have been nice if it had started off-frame. His nose is a little too on-the-nose (heh, play on words - doesn't make sense) it would have been nice if his kinks were defined more by inward segments and it was just a bit more lumpy overall.

I like his lips and I believe that they're real but only when I focus solely on them - I don't think they fit entirely cohesively with the rest of the picture and I'm completely sure why. I suspect it has something to do with the lighting and the way I retouched, has retouched away the depths of the various light sources and their colours.

Not a fan of this one. His face just doesn't look real... or conscious... but he said this was his favourite in the set so maybe I have a skewed perspective because I essentially drew him?? I'm not sure. I do like the pose though, I wish he were turned slightly counter-clockwise so that there was more of a dimension to his face and his neck made more of a curve.

And I like the lighting! The gradients and the highlights are just perfect! The background behind his eye is a stop or so above pure black and I appreciate that we get the separation there. And I'm really drawn to those creases in the shirt for some reason... (to draw me away from his face maybe??)

Now that's an intersecting background seam I can get on board with! Very nice! And gradients! Gradients all over the place! And unlike the other shots the lighting is white, but it's still not boring - there's still there's a bit of depth and colour to it which I like.

I really like how he's kind of just popping up from the corner of the frame like that, it's a little unusual and fun. I do not like his expression. AGAIN just so empty... at least his bone structure is decent in this one. That highlight running from his forehead to his chin is just too brilliant. And his nose still comes through strong! I've still got a bit of a problem with the retouched lips not being developed enough, they just look like they've been drawn (which they have but they shouldn't LOOK like it!)

Nice and soft and serene. Again the lighting is KILLING IT, I can't believe I stumbled across this style accidentally. Lesson for all: tungsten is your friend. Along with many lights, set to low exposures (filling in shadows and giving an overall even light but a bit different from just a softbox!) and COLOURS. It's all about the colours. And remember that they can be adjusted later in PS, they don't have to look flawless in-camera, you can get more atypical gel colourings that way.

Same problems as before, the lip thing and the shirt... it bugs me a lot that not only is the shirt the same as the first picture but also the lighting is very similar - it's a little too obvious that they were shot in the same time period.

Oh and that blur in the bottom left! That's his hand! I wish we'd done more things like that and experimented with coloured papers or something because it's a really fun and natural effect!

And weirdly I like the contrast in his eyelid...

overall thoughts

The lighting is what does this for me, I really want to explore using tungsten lights outside of a studio. I LOVE the blurryness, it makes the shots feel a little a bit more lively and spontaneous (my lecturers gave me seven lashings for it though :P).

Mixing up the clothes helps a lot for me and totally unexpectedly, where his biggest asset in the last shoot was his ability to emote and perform, that was the weakest in this shoot. I don't know what happened, maybe it was trying to live up to the first show that got in his head but I need to find a way to not let that happen :/

and I like the crops individually - perfect headshot crops! - but once again they're all EXACTLY the same... not good.
Tags: 2010, photography

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