Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

This is all about the posing for me. The hunch, the shape her arms make, the way her hands are cropped making it all just that much more ethereal and abstract! I love the hair on her face and pretty much her hair in general

The colours could do with a tad more contrast but in general I'm living for the blue tints in her skintones and hair juxtaposed with the yellows.

I'm not massively keen on her expression, I'm getting "misc grumpiness" rather than a pure genuine emotion.

Check it out Maidel, I CAN use reds! Suck on that! And blues! and greens and it's all there!! Hooray! I do particularly like how overblown the reds get around the shoulders of the jumper and in her lips. Also while I like that the shadows aren't pure black, I do wish they were a bit deeper, specifically in her hair.

I like that once again this shot is all about the shapes - the containing border at the top caused by her arm, the triangles made by the jumper (I like to think that I put them there on purpose but I can't for the life of me remember :P) and the curls of her hair are so perfect!

Ugh, the blues! And the greens! And her hair! And the hunching/limb-cropping! It's all just the same comments all over again and I kind of like that! It shows a consistency which my other sets up until now hadn't had.

And her lips and her neck are SO beautiful. I particularly love that kink at the back of her neck - my lecturers told me to retouch it out but that would just ruin the shot for me.

The only thing I would do if I were to improve this shot would be to bring the hair under her mouth/chin up a bit and do a bit of cloning to make it a bit denser so it made an even stronger triangular shape

so this is my favourite set of all sets. I just LOVE how the colours are all within the same "spectrum" but it's not the same thing over and over. There are a good number of recurring themes (cropped limbs, wet hair, etc). FINALLY I've got the knack of having different clothes in each shot (which makes a WORLD of difference - finally they stop looking like outtakes!) And not only all of that but it's MY style - it's what I want to be doing! My primary criticism is that I wish it had more shots... but I was just thinking about it and I'm still good friends with her, I remember how I lit this, I remember how I styled her hair, there is absolutely no reason why we couldn't do a reshoot and revisit this idea with a new and revised take!

And come to think of it, there's no reason why any of my shoots have to stop where they did (well, other than the fact that I moved cities and I would have to fly back to shoot them but lets talk hypothetically for a bit) and on that same note, there's nothing that says each shot of each shoot has to be shot on the same day or in the same location! This revelation just made every shoot a whole lot more limitless!
Tags: 2010, maddie, photography

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