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meh, not really feeling it... he mostly looks bored. I don't have a technical reason for why, I really need to analyse expressions a bit more..
I like his hands though, they're very delicate and poised which is fun (and REALLY hard to get a model to do well but he just did it naturally)

I wish his lips had a bit more depth to them and that the background was even more out of focus because at the moment I find it a bit distracting. And the colours are a bit wishy-washy in an attempt to make it a bit more obnoxious. The skin tones are nice - there's a lot of colour variation going on, which I always like. The lighting could have benefited with a bit of soft fill from the front, just to give the shadows a bit more life.

I really like how monochromatic this is, but not really. Even in the solid "blues" there are touches of purples and cyans. And on his skin, I'm really digging those vibrant yellow touches! I'm not entirely sure what caused them and they're very potentially lens aberrations but I like it!

I also like the shapes he's making - his head, his nose, his jaw, his arm, that streak through his hair... it's all very two-dimensional. I would have liked to have seen a bit more contrast in the blue areas and completely different clothes because... damn

guh, the emotion in this is so perfect for what I want my photos to be! Again, research needs to be done on expressions but whatever this is, I like it!

And I also really like his nose! It's an unusual nose and he gets teased about it in real life but I think it's interesting and strong and one of the reasons I asked him to model for me so I'm glad it was well-portrayed in these shots.

Again the lips are an issue, again the clothes are an issue. I like that there are some warm colours in there too (the red on the tip of his right finger is killing me!) but overall I feel it's a bit unnecessarily monochrome. And also once again we're running into the problem of splotchy skin :/

I just hate the colours in this a lot. They were SO hard to get anything decent out of at all. The original shot didn't have a lot of contrast so I tried to punch a bit in but every time I did the colour variations caused by shooting through a pane of glass would blow up all over the place. Lesson learned: make sure that there's more contrast in the shadows in a shot with back-lighting. Ugh and the posterization of the background on the left you guys... so horrible...

But just looking at him and not the lighting - I think he looks good! His eyes are a nice shape and very comfortably focused. His nose looks good (ooh that strip of light couldn't have landed more perfectly!) and his lips have a bit of depth to them finally! They're not Sean O'Pry over the top plump but it's a happy medium between what he naturally is and the ultimate in lip perfection.

First of all - I love that we've got more coloured paints finally! I wish we'd just started with this because then the other shots would have been so much more interesting. Much like the last shoot - get the look down first and THEN shoot, rather than evolving them both along the way. And I really like that because the paint brings so many interesting colours, the skintones can be nice and normal and subtle without the shot seeming boring.

Other than that, I'm very into the composition, his hands were just doing ALL of the right things during this shoot (that could not sound more dirty but it's accurate!). His expression in this one I'm not totally feeling, there's a sadness that feels a little forced but there's an innocence in his eyes that I totally believe.

The lips are... okay. I've retouched them to give them a bit of depth but I think I was a bit too afraid to make distinct edges so it's all come out a bit unusually smudgy

now, as a set I'm not crazy about this. There are a few similar blues and skintones but overall the colours aren't cohesive. The crops are EXACTLY the same, which this set made me realise is unexpectedly weird and awkward.

The paint is very cool. I'm very interested in the combination of photography and paintings and this is of course the most physical way of mixing the two. You instantly get more colours in the shots (although admittedly that wasn't really utilised to its best advantage in this shoot) and instantly that person becomes somewhere they haven't been before (probably just because few people regularly cover themselves in paint)
Tags: 2010, photography

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