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10 January 2008 @ 09:07 pm
number two  
this is my second post in about 1 minute, because I've had about 1 minute to stop and think about things. Also, I wanted to show y'all some awesome wallpapers I made. I feel like I should be advertising me and my stuff amongst the BuffyForums crew and lj comms, but... yeah...

I love it how Lauren Graham and Lorelai Gilmore's initials are the same. I was going through some textures and found these snazzy pieces. What do you think? I'm a little on the edge. I think that the textures look cool, but I also think that simplicity is always a good option.

Doctor Who! I made this for my computer at dads house because I'm getting very sick of my Eliza Dushku wall I posted earlier, also he likes Doctor Who and I watched an episode a while ago that rekindled my love for it. I really hope that season 4 is good, that 3 was an off-season and that 1 wasn't a fluke. This was supposed to be 1280x1024 also, but imageshack resized it :(

Now, I've been thinking about stuff... and I'm not sure because I've never felt like this before, but I think I... uh... don't want to watch TV...?

Oh yeah, and I've been watching Friday Night Lights. My brother is lovin' it, but... I'm not 100%, not yet at least.

And one more thought (this was supposed to be a small post) I'm going to be posting a wallpaper or something with every post I do from now on... theoretically.