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I think the colours are the biggest letdown of this for me. I wanted to experiment and try different things but I didn't want to do my whole saturated, contrasty madness because I just KNOW my lecturers would have beaten me down for it and I think because I had that in the back of my mind I was so restrained I didn't end up doing anything exciting at all...

I really like the background, the miscellaneous grass is working for me and I like that it's making a framing circle around him like I mentioned in my last post. The eye-contact is REALLY strong, he's got such fantastic eyes and I'm thrilled I ended up capturing them. And he doesn't have the biggest lips and I like that this pose gives a bit of an illusion of volume!

Speaking of volume, his hair is kind of a mess... I wish I'd added something to it so it wasn't just a spongey block. Later on, I started spraying him with water but the earlier shots missed out - I should have had the look down from the start.

I really like this from a design point of view. The shapes that the background makes and the way it intersects with him. Technically there's a rule that people should be facing in to frame but I think it gives this picture a slightly edgy(?) quality because he's not. ALSO, do me a favor and pretend this was published in a magazine, the left half is the perfect space for a title or something and the right side makes a very nice stand-alone tear-out page! These are the things I think about!

I like his expression, I like his bone structure (hehehe fake fake fake), the texture in the water in the mid-left is really cool. I guess I would have liked to have seen him look a bit more toned - I have no problem with him looking like this in real life but a picture should be perfection and I have the skills to fake it so I should have but I was lazy (well, technically I was insanely busy with assignments and didn't have time but yeah).

and just a quick comment on the set as a whole:
while it may not be the most exciting colouring ever, I'm really happy that there is a consistency between the two shots, and yet there is variation in colouring (the first one with the greens and the second with the yellows and blues in the background)
Also it makes me feel kind of lacking to only have two shots in a set, it feels like there is more but I'm just not being allowed to see it
Tags: 2010, photography

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