Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

I actually think this is really hot. The jaw, the chin, the nose... that is a STRONG face. It's a pity it's entirely fabricated in photoshop hehehe mischievous retouching >:)
I love how dark it is - I'm really drawn to darkness but I always feel the pressure to go lighter for technical reasons.
Although ironically if I were to improve it, I'd make the darkness around his eyes a little lighter (the contrast is a bit much) and I'd fix up that strand of hair (you know which one I'm talking about) and his neck is looking a little block-like. Much like the shot in the last set, I really need to find a way of giving necks a bit of texture without them seeming "lumpy"

Again, I like the darkness, I think he looks great (hehehe >:)) the bow to his lips is really nice. I like how wide his face is as weird as that sounds? I kind of get the feeling that he's underwater and swimming and immersed by the ocean which is pleasant.
I have a few problems with the overlaying leaves, they're just mostly very uncontrolled. The right side is VERY lumpy and on the left having so much of it in focus really breaks the fantasy. I feel like if the leaves were out of focus and making a nice framing circle (or blob) around him that would have been nice but if I recall correctly they were really hard to manage as it was so I would have had to break the tree down and put all of the branches on stands which seems a bit amoral considering we just shot this at a local park :S

My intent for this was to make something a bit like a TV show cap and the colouring reminds me a bit of Lost season 5 so I guess I succeeded...? I'm ususally fond of when the camera gets right in their faces, but it kind of doesn't work with photography because you've got TOO much quality. Too many pixels. Too many pores. I intend to re-attempt this style of shot with a model just to see how much of a difference it makes because he was just a friend of mine (yup, we're still in the friend stage, these shots are OLD)
Also I don't think the miscellaneously aggressive expression or non-specific background is helping

set thoughts and things!!

The last set was when I started thinking about what a "set" was, but this one was the one where it really set in that just doing random things and treating each shot on its own accord leaves to a jibberish mess - which, don't get me wrong I'm okay with some of the time but here they just don't make any sense. I look at them all in once place and it confuses and annoys me that there isn't a reason behind it - they're all very similar in enough ways for me to know that they were shot at the same time with the same person at the same place but extremely different in just about every other way.
Tags: 2011, photography

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