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Oh damn, she so much like Georgina Stojiljkovic here - those cheeks! And that intensity... gah, I'm telling you, motion is the KEY to making an amazing photo!
Now... I don't know what it was about this shot but it was SO hard to get the colours looking even remotely decent! I wish they were a little more "rich" but I'm really happy considering what I started with. But looking back I think there should have been a bit more contrast in the lighting to begin with, instead of me having to enhance it in PS

ASHDBBSVSHSDFBUG THOSE SKINTONES!! I'M DYING!! So soft yet strong and almost renaissance-esque?? And those greens in the background with a touch of blues in the fringes - THAT'S the richness I was talking about!
I just really wished she looked more conscious :/ I mean, you can't really tell when it's upside-down (and do yourself a huge favor, don't ruin the illusion and rotate it) but it really lets this shot down for me. Also just another little random thing I like but the triangle her cheekbones and chin makes is really nice... I am a very weird person...

mm yes, again, totally feeling the reds here. Not so much the skintones though. I think there's a bit too much contrast - I was having a bit of trouble with the lights throughout this shoot and this was one of the shots where my fill light didn't fire. I guess I need to buy more reliable flash triggers?? It feels weird when the fault of the shot doesn't lie directly in your own hands :/
So I'm really liking her jaw and nose here, but not her neck so much. I feel like it should have more depth and texture and things going on to it (like that V collarbone joint should continue higher) because at the moment it seems a bit chunky...? Also I'm very happy with the crop!

Probably my least favourite of the lot. Again it's getting too far into that "pretty pretty" stage. I mean I like the texture to the hair and it's kind of cool being all over her face like that but it just seems like the kind of shot somebody else would want to take (you know, that whole Tumblr/DeviantArt hipstery thing) - not really so much my style.

so for this one I tried something a little different: I switched off the studio lights and only used the ambient light in the studio (obviously with an ISO of like 100000) and I'll tell you what, I REALLY love the quality of the light a lot more than the others - there's an evenness overall that studio lights just don't do for me. Obviously there are the major technical issues with the grain overload but I feel like I need to find a way to harness this information and turn studio lights into something as even as natural light. I've since tried and it doesn't really seem to work all that easily but I think it's just because it need to get more light sources and ALSO larger and more diffused light sources.
Also her face is amazing.

and some thoughts on the set as a whole!!

It's a set! A set-like set! My first semi-cohesive anything! It's fun, usually we consider a picture to be a picture but all of a sudden when it's part of a set not only is a picture a picture but it's also a cog in a larger plan! Here the master plan isn't... that complex. Originally it wasn't even intended to be a "set" (as evidenced by the disappointing lack of clothing changes - oh god why did we ever think that was a good thing to wear...) I appreciate the diversity in the shots - sure there's a lot of hair flipping but there are different kinds of hair flipping! I wish somewhat that the treatment of the shots was a bit more similar, the lighting setups on some of them are VERY different and I've used different PS colourings on all of them so it takes away from the cohesive look. But overall that whole rainbow background thing works for me! It works for me a lot!
Tags: 2010, maddie, photography

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