Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

interrupting your previously scheduled photos...

so I've finished my Buffy/Angel rewatch (it was so poetic, I started watching Buffy in my final days at my old place, then did the interwoven episodes thing all through the awkward transitional stages and then finally just as I moved in to my new place I ended up rounding off the last episodes of Angel!) and I've come to fall somewhat in love with Illyria. I remembered I liked her but she's just so much more than I remember... for example, just the way she moves in that first scene with Wesley - so abstract and innate! And her intensity, it just oozes off of her - in that sense she reminds me a lot of Cara from LotS (who, just by the way, continues to be my favourite person -living or fictional- of all time) and I'm discovering more and more that that kind of intensity is something that the world needs more of. It's not exactly the same thing but I suspect that Bear McCreary has a similar inclination because his music often evokes the same intensity for me. And while we're on that note (heh heh get it) he has a blog! Isn't that awesome!

Also now that this post has turned into something completely random that covers way more topics than I thought it ever would, here's something else I've been meaning to post: iWisoft Free Video Converter. Ever wanted to convert avis into something you can watch on your iPhone without having to pay? This appears to be one of the only programs that does such a thing! Download! Use! Enjoy!
Tags: angel, bear mccreary, legend of the seeker, real life, tutorials

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