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19/1/2010 -- 25/1/2010 -- 29/3/2010

So this is kind of really sexy, I really love how captivating her eyes are. The colours are just about perfect, there's a nice range and they're all very strong but with nothing particularly overpowering. I like her jaw and how long and thin her neck is and there are some very fun flecks of paint in her hair you can't really see in the small version (save the image or copy the link into a new browser to see the larger size) but they're a bit fun! Also the water droplets are a cool subtle touch that make this shot just a little bit different.
As far as things I don't like - there are a few areas on the background where it's been liquified and it gets a bit stretchy. And it looks nice out wide but her skin looks REALLY splotchy up close

I really like how this mirrors the previous picture - it's such a different look overall but it's the same person, the same crop, the same clothes... it's just shows you how many different ways you can approach the same subject.
I'm just totally enamored by her cheekbones and her lips and her expression... it's all very fresh! That said, I think the amount of eyeliner she has on because takes away from the freshness.
The hair is nice and casual and a bit messy but still controlled. I also really like the background and how it's got a bit of depth and texture to it which makes it more interesting than a solid yellow but it isn't so overpowering that it becomes distracting

Again the same person, the same crop - yet an ENTIRELY different shot. I really like that this is out of focus, I think out of focus shots are fun :P Also I'm very into how dark and milky soft this colouring is.
I don't think that the lighting was particularly flattering on her face, I've retouched to try and amend that but there's only so much I can make up for.

This was the first I retouched of all of them (and one of the first photos I'd retouched ever) and I fell for the rookie mistake of picking the shot in editing that looked the best, rather than picking one that WILL look the best after retouching. This shot might have been a nice one naturally but there wasn't a lot of potential to work with :/
Her legs look nice, her jaw looks nice, I like the 'C' shape her body makes but there's just so little colour variety and the lighting was so harsh there wasn't much else I could do. I've tried to calm down the contrast in the background with a bit of texture use and that looks alright but overall it's just too much, especially on her face (that said it does make a very interesting pattern on her face jutting through her hair)

I feel like this would be a million times better if there wasn't that building in the background. I actually think the building looks really cool and I really like the colours in it but it's just so dominant I keep on forgetting that it's supposed to be a photo about her. She looks so serene and heavenly and her face is taking the light really well but I just get so caught up in the building I don't notice until I try to.
I love how thin her waist looks here and the shape her black dress makes and the gradient to the dirt in the background but it's just that darn building that's throwing me...

Oooh the motion here, I can just feel the drama! I need to use motion more often because it makes the photos come out so much more lively!!
Ahhh but... I like nothing else about this. She doesn't look good, her lips are an awkward shape, her nose is an awkward shape, she's totally lost her jaw... her hand looks so uncomfortable and tense. And the majority of the picture is almost a solid black, I need a bit more depth.

Her face in this one reminds me a bit of a renaissance painting, her bone structure looks so refined and her lips are incredible (although I wish they weren't so pale). I'm not crazy and her nose or eyes though, the eye makeup again is just not flattering. Her arms and hands look a bit... hard? And I feel like with a shot like this they should be really soft and thin and elegant.
She shirt is so flashy and distracting, I'm not a fan at all. I do really like the background and the way it gets lighter around her head, drawing us in and there's a bit of texture to it which again isn't TOO much texture. And around that same area the contrast and blues in her hair are PERFECT - my favourite part of the picture

Here's another example of the background being SO intense that it's distracting. AND OH GOD I HATE THAT SHIRT! There are just too many flashy high-contrast patterns dominating the scene.
I think she looks like a perfect little doll which is kind of good but it's a bit too 'pretty pretty' for what I'm going for in my photos. I guess at this stage I wanted to prove that I could do both creepy and pretty if a client wanted it but at this point I don't feel the need to impress anyone else

I really love the colours here! And the motion! Again, bringing the photo to life! The crop is nice and I like the angst but... her face has been really unfortunately retouched. She looks like she has absolutely no cheeks at all and her lips are at a very unusual angle... and her eye makeup again is just ruining them for me.

also, fun fact: this was actually one of my photography lecturers!!
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