Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

4/1/2010 -- 11/1/2010

GUH THOSE LIPS!!!! They're not even remotely real but UGH, you guys!!
Other things I'm liking about this picture: similarly structured cheekbones to this picture, the abstract silhouette his face and hair is making... negatives would be that I've liquified the back of his hair and now it looks really stringy and weird.

oh lord those lips... where is has his upper one even gone!! In my defense I shot this before the other one and this failure is what led to the beauty of the other but come on, this is just hurting my eyes...
And I have a big problem with his nose - I've liquified it to be more of a shape I want but because I haven't adjusted the way the light falls on it, it just looks really really fake.
I don't think this shot is a total failure - I really like the crop! I like that we can't see much of the background but there's still a bit of colour so there's a very abstract thing going on. I'm big on how shiny his cheekbones are, that's always a good look.

oooh just look at that blue! I can feel it running through me! And that expression - so sultry and eternal. I also love his lips in this one (shot in the second batch, so are we noticing a theme?)
Things I don't like: because of the lighting there's that horrible distracting shadow just under his eye. Also it's a little excessively yellow, I like the yellow but it's just a little too much. And I may have gone a bit overboard with reducing his cheeks.

Yeah no, not feeling this in the slightest. I was aiming for another abstract thing with the background but it's just come out looking very flat, there should be a bit more contrast. Again I've been a bit sloppy with my retouching, his cheekbone looks nice from afar but when you actually look at it you can tell it's just a dark brush stroke - as with his jaw.
I actually don't hate his hair - this isn't a style I usually go for but there's some fun texture going on there. And I like that he's facing away from the camera but his arm in that pose really isn't working
Tags: 2010, nathan, photography

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