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There is just so much I love about this. I'm really obsessed with how dark it is, yet the highlights on her nose and cheekbone and eyelids give it more of a tonal variation. And her face has so many of my ideal features all in one place - her jaw, the S shape of her right eye, the kink in her nose, her crafted, down-turned lips... amazing!
My main criticism of this is her dress. You can see about 10cm of it but it's still painfully obvious that's it was a cheap dress and I think that cheapens the shot. Also I should just note that this was shot through a pane of glass - I've had a lot of compliments about how painterly this shot is and I have a theory that is the reason.

Again, I love how luminescent the lighting is! She looks like she's glowing! And in this shot it's really the character that appeals to me; the look in her eye - unlike a lot of my other shots, it's not necessarily an expression of aggression but rather a look of power. I'm also really grooving on the shape of her eyebrows and the out of focus red down the bottom.
As far as the composition of the image, I like that it crops at the curve of the window on the left, the line of the frame gives the picture a feeling of completion I think.

I'm a huge fan of the mixture of coloured lights here, it's subtle but it's definitely something I want to do more of. And of course her face, her cheekbones, her nose... it's all happening... all of it is, except her skin. I shot this on 400ISO and then -like with all of my icons- I pumped up the contrast and saturation to unnatural levels and this was the result. Lesson learned.
Also to hell with what everybody else says about this angle - I don't care if you can see up her nose, I think it brings out a lot of the best in her features and I'm a huge fan of this relaxed, 'looking down on you' expression.

The colours here are knocking me OUT. Look at those cyans in the background!! And the yellows on the car!! But still there are some soft pinks in her skin!? Where did they come from, I don't even know!
I'm really into the shape of her cheekbones in this one, the highlights and shadows are VERY appealing to me. I'm not crazy about how her eye turned out - I've retouched it to death (obviously, as I have will all of these) but it's lacking that passion that needed to have been brought out in person. I've done as much as I could through photoshop and I do like this dreamy look but there's a cold, CGIness about it

mehhhh... my least favourite of all of them. I was trying to give her a bit more of a "commercial" shot to use on facebook (and I guess it worked because it's one of the ones she does use :P) But the contrast is so wishy-washy and it's got major grain issues that I mentioned before. I'm really not into being able to see the wall in the background - I think it spoils a lot of the fantasy that the others had.
But all of this said I really like the shape of her legs and nose and jaw and the reflections add a bit of fun so you win some, you lose some I guess :/

I just feel like she's looking directly at me and that's what wins this shot over for me. That and the strip of light on the left caused by a reflection in the glass - giving a similar effect that a texture would in an icon! I really like the colours - the yellows on the left have been brought out to within an inch of their life and the blues in the shadows are really subtle and soft and fun.
I'm actually not that crazy about her face in this one, I think she looks a little chubby and again there are somewhat major skin issues with her coming out very veiny (and not in a cool way like you're about to see)

Okay you can't really see it in this tiny version (just a reminder, I've coded the pictures to appear smaller, so saving them or copying the link into a new browser will give you the full version) but I the veins on the back of her hand are so beautiful which is not something you hear a lot when talking about veins!
The colours are PERFECT, I'm so happy with the balance of yellows vs pinks and greens throughout. Her rich red lips are driving me over the edge!
Also again it's that 'looking down on you' angle I love so much (fun tip: switch back and forth between the two photos and see what a massive difference the lighting can make on a persons face)
I have a few problems with the background - for one, it's mostly a solid 'almost-black', also there's ONLY green so... no variation = no fun. And also it was shot through a flywire so there's an annoying boxy texture to it all :/
And lastly I'm very keen on how aggressive and unconventional this is, you'll notice over the coming sets that I've done a lot of 'commercialising' of my photos in order to get better grades/please model agents and I really want to get back into exploring this creepy world.

and now for my rundown on the set as a whole!
Okay this set is SO ancient now but I'm still very much in love with a lot of the photos! I think a very comfortable percentage work really well as stand-alone images. I don't think they completely fit together as a 'set' but ultimately I think strong individual shots are more important so that's kind of okay :D
I'm especially happy that this was just shot in her back yard - no professional hair and makeup, no fancy props, no artificial lighting and I think importantly - no professional model. The fact that this is the result of a casual 'lets hang out and just play around' shoot thrills me to no end. Also it should be noted that some of these shots went from the original conception to the final retouched in image in only a matter of hours.
Tags: 2009, maddie, photography

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