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1. I'm in Sydney! It took me a while but I eventually made it. Overall I find it to look a lot more aesthetically appealing than Adelaide so that's really important to me considering I moved for photographic reasons. I don't have an apartment yet but other than that I'm pretty much settled. I met motorized in real life today and that was completely awesome. I was a bit worried that the whole internet friendship thing wouldn't translate in person but we have so many things in common! I'm excited to see where this takes me and it really makes me want to meet more lj folks in real life.

2. I've had a bit of a movie kick lately and I love the following films for various reasons I'm too lazy to go in to unless someone specifically asks - The Time Travllers Wife, Saw (2-5), Fight Club, Forest Gump and Lord Of The Rings (1-3).

3. I've come to the end of my five-year buffyverse ban and I'm really enjoying the marathon!
Fred has really surprised me by being the breakout star of both series' just by being the epitome of flawless adorableness. The breakup of Willow and Oz continues to be the second saddest moment of television (second to the obvious). I guess overall, I was SO impressed with how the good the earlier seasons of both shows were (even better than I remember and I remember them as being the greatest shows of all time!) and the later ones seem kind of boring by comparison - both shows definitely got a bit too wrapped up in the whole larger story arcs and forgot about having fun, small self-contained episodes. And also I haven't yet reached season 5 of Angel and I remember that being amazing so there's that to look forward to!

4. Now before we all judge, lets keep in mind that all of these are over a year old and I'll be posting better/newer ones in the coming weeks :P

hmm this is the same problem I had when I was taking the picture - because I don't care or know anything about food photography, I don't know should be differently to make it a better shot. I can see that this is average but I'm having a really hard time telling what I could have done better. I guess I could have used more interesting cutlery but I wasn't going to go out and buy cutlery just for an assignment

I'm really keen on the yellow background and the way it gradiates to red on the way in towards the salt and pepper grinders. That effect came out in camera and it's little things like that which make me appreciative of the amount of control you can have as a photographer as compared to a fanartist who is forced to work with someone else's images. Don't get me wrong I think there's a lot of credibility to fanart, but it's just one other level of freedom that I really enjoy

I kind of love this - it's got a subtlety and nuance in the lighting I really like. The apple looks BEYOND fresh and I kind of think it looks like a more elaborate (albeit smaller scale) version of what a supermarket would have up to advertise the fruit. One of the critiques I've had was that it didn't make sense to have these three groceries together but I like the way the lettuce frames the apple and they just fit together for me

I like how dramatic this is - somewhat ominous. I think that the reflected shadow edge should have been a bit harder and the background could have a bit more shape and contrast to it but other than that I'm on board

boring beyond belief. But... I had to take a photo of glasses - I tried to mix it up by having lots of elements but I think it would have been better if there were a little colour and it focused more on the simple shape of just one or two glasses

I was really digging it at the time but I wish I'd gone without the yellow light on the left. I like the pose and the shapes it makes and the slight halo in the background. The eye-contact seems slightly off but other than that I'm on board

probably my favorite "commercial" shot I took in the course. I love the richness to the purples not just in the grapes but in the label as well. I do wish the reflection in the bottle was more graduated and less of a solid block but my lecturers thought it looked better this way and what can I say, I just wanted to do well in my assignments for once :P

ah look, it's these two again! And Maddie once again looking like an entirely different version of herself. Now as far as the shot, I'm not crazy about it. The whole intent was to take a "couples portrait" and I wanted to do something that was a little "me" and so we ended up with something awkward and in-between. I mean I don't hate it, I'm really digging the story of protection they've got going on in their eyes, it's just not even close to my favorite shot of the two of them. Also I really love the subtle gradient in the background juxtaposed with Nathan's black hair

awkward awkward awkward. We had to shoot more than two people at a time and everybody I knew was really really busy at this point so I had about a 10 minute gap in which to shoot these three. No time to dress up or light it properly (90% lit in Photoshop) and it shows :/

I like this! The heavenly glow to her hair, the subtle blues and yellows on her face. I'll admit the expression may have been pandering to what I knew the lecturers would like (I wanted to have played it either more innocent or sinister) but I think it works regardless
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